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The Empowered Empath

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A 6 week transformational program for highly sensitive empathic women to unlock your full potential and spiritual gifts by breaking free from limiting beliefs and activating your personal spiritual practices. Embark on a transformative journey towards empowerment, clarity, and lightness with our dynamic program. After the 6 weeks you will begin to feel not just calm, but positivity charged with the ability to attract harmony into your life. Together, we will navigate past struggles & obstacles, empowering you to propel forward in life with excitement. Through personalized self-care practices, you'll nourish your mind, body, and soul, discovering and harnessing your innate spiritual strengths for unstoppable momentum. You will be equipped with spiritual tools to protect your energy, ensuring you to stay resilient in the face of challenges. Every small, consistent action paves the way for monumental change. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery & growth where you emerge feeling empowered, clear-minded, & read This is for the highly sensitive soul who is… Spiritually curious that isn’t quite sure what to do with their energy. *This program supports you to recognize that your spiritual gifts are actually your biggest strengths. Seeking to discover the path to an emotionally balanced life, where your empathic strengths are both protected and celebrated, leading you to a state of well-being and spiritual fulfillment. Ready to unlock their spiritual gifts, trust in the wisdom of their intuition, and heal their inner child so they feel safe to be seen. Ready to embrace their true authentic self by shedding the energetic weight of outdated beliefs. Desiring to alchemize your pain into power and show up confidently & boldly in your life & relationships. Has recently experienced a profound moment of clarity, radical life change, or truly ready to leave the past behind. So you can reconnect to your body, heart, and activate your spiritual awakening.

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3 Plans Available, From $150.00/month + $99.00 1 time setup fee~ goes twoards total


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