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Pass the Light Program

"You are the light in the world." Matthew 5:14

Who Qualifies?
  • Someone open to experience Reiki

  • Teachers with a lot of stress

  • Someone with a stressful job

  • Mom's or Dad's that don't have time for self-care

  • Someone that has experienced great loss or death of a loved one

  • Someone struggling financially and can't afford a session

  • Someone with ongoing pain or injuries

  • Cancer patients

  • Children between 8-17 that is being bullied

  • Someone that is struggling with abuses or trauma

  • Women going through pregnancy or a new mom

  • Someone that has done something extraordinary for you or the community

  • Yourself

  • Winners are chosen each month

Other ways to help.. you can donate by clicking the donate button and pay it forward for someone's session,

purchase a gift card,

participate in the donation based Oracle readings (those donations go toward someone in need of Reiki sessions)

or you can nominate them here.


This session can be done over zoom to anyone in the world**

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