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Introducing our enchanting Harmony & Intuition Bundle – a carefully curated premade crystal grid featuring the mystical energies of Rainbow Moonstone and Amethyst. This exquisite combination has been thoughtfully selected to bring balance, intuition, and spiritual alignment into your space.


*Choose between an Amethyst or Moonstone Point

*Amethyst and rainbow moonstone tumbles

*Clear Quartz chips

*Affirmation card to help activate your grid

NOT included the grid fabric shown. All crystals are intuitively chosen for you and may vary from size, color, pattern, shape. Saves 20 % off from if you bought these crystals separetley.


Rainbow Moonstone, with its ethereal glow, is known for enhancing intuition and promoting a sense of calm. It is believed to channel the energy of the moon, fostering emotional healing and providing a gentle, nurturing energy. In the Crystal Harmony Bundle, Rainbow Moonstone contributes its soothing vibrations, helping to create a serene atmosphere and supporting emotional well-being.


Complementing the Moonstone, Amethyst adds a touch of spiritual wisdom and clarity to the crystal grid. Renowned for its protective qualities, Amethyst is associated with enhancing spiritual awareness, promoting inner peace, and aiding in meditation. The deep purple hues of Amethyst resonate with the crown chakra, facilitating a connection to higher consciousness and fostering a tranquil environment.


Our Balance & Intuition Bundle is not only a beautiful addition to your sacred space but also a powerful tool for those seeking a harmonious blend of intuition, emotional balance, and spiritual enlightenment. Whether you are a seasoned crystal enthusiast or just beginning your crystal journey, this premade crystal grid offers a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to invite the positive energies of Rainbow Moonstone and Amethyst into your life. Elevate your spiritual practices and enhance your well-being with ths Crystal Bundle – a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Balance & Intuition Crystal Grid

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