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Dream Amethyst is a beautiful powerhouse of two crystals in one. This stones has beautiful clear quartz inclusions. Bringing togethers Amethyst and clear quartz. This stone opens and heals the third eye and crown chakra.

With this stone you can deepen your psychic abilities & intuition. Dream amethyst is known as a very calming stone and it’s said that you should use it when you need a state of meditation and want a break from the everyday madness. It’s a peaceful, serene stone that’s highly ideal for meditation purposes.

  • a very calming stone that may promote peace in your life
  • may increase psychic ability and deepen your intuition
  • provides benefits of both white quartz and amethyst, mainly promoting peaceful sleep
  • may help lessen you to change, helping you grow
  • said to protect your aura from negative energies
  • a stone to maybe help balance your emotions
  • historically, it’s said to maybe help with sobriety
  • assists with dream work and lucid dreams
  • may help with mental focus
  • encourages creativity


These would make amazing center stones for your crystal grids

Dream Amethyst Generators

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