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This is a rare find indeed!

Red moss agate aids in manifesting wealth and speeds up the results of our maifestation. It works to heal in the root and heart chakra, making it an excellent crystal to feel safe to love and open up. It enhances our creativity and passion. If you are feeling ungrounded and anxious, red moss agate is a perfect companion to soothe your anxiety. It does this by helping us to stop and enjoy life.


Ocean jasper provides a gentle healing energy. It harnesses the energy of the ocean to help us go with the flow of life. As a jasper its an amazing grounding stone and helps us to find stability in chaos. It aids one to see from a higher perspective and take inspired action. It also reminds us to put out what we would like to receive back.


These 2 stones together in these unique creations provides a striking find. Together you will feel grounding while manifesting abundance of wealth or love. Being grounded and calm when manifesting is key to manifesting success. The less energectic interference (Stress) the more clear your message will be to the universe.


Points make perfect center stone pieces in crystal grids.

Red Moss Agate in Ocean Jasper Towers

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