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Introducing our exclusive Spiritual Alignment Bundle, a carefully curated collection featuring the powerful energies of Black Kyanite and Dendritic Golden Healer stones. This pre-made crystal grid is designed to enhance spiritual growth, amplify positive energy, and foster a deep sense of balance and well-being.


*Dendrite Golden Healer Point

*Aura luster black kyanite

*Clear Quartz chips

*Affirmation card to help activate your grid

NOT included is the grid fabric shown. Crystals may vary in color, shape, size due to the nature of this product. Each stone will be chosen intutively for you. Saves 20% off from if you bought the crystals separetely.



Black Kyanite, known as the "Stone of Alignment," is revered for its ability to clear blockages and align all chakras, creating a smooth energy flow throughout the body. Its grounding properties make it an excellent choice for meditation and promoting a sense of inner peace.


Paired with Dendritic Golden Healer, this crystal bundle takes positive vibrations to the next level. Dendritic Golden Healer is celebrated for its gentle healing energy, promoting clarity of thought and emotional balance. Its intricate patterns resemble branches, symbolizing growth and connection to the natural world.


Why choose this Grid Bundle? Beyond the aesthetic beauty of the arrangement, this combination of Black Kyanite and Dendritic Golden Healer creates a synergistic energy that fosters spiritual alignment and personal transformation. Whether you're a seasoned crystal enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of energy work, this premade crystal grid offers a convenient and effective way to introduce powerful, positive energies into your space. Elevate your spiritual journey and bring harmony into your life with the Spiritual Alignment Bundle – a perfect addition to any crystal collection.

Spiritual Alignment

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