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Reiki Empowerment Collective

Who is this membership for ?

Reiki practitioners of any level or linage. Whether your Reiki practice is just for you or you are a seasoned professional. 

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This membership offers a nurturing space for Reiki healers to grow personally and within their practice. Whether you are just starting out as a Level 2 Reiki practitioner or a seasoned professional Reiki Master. Gain exclusive access to educational resources on diverse spiritual topics, enriching your spiritual path and enhancing your ability to support your clients' growth. Our goal is to empower your Reiki practice, enabling you to embody and express the Divine Consciousness of Reiki light and the radiant light within you as a healer. 

This Collective is for you if:

Seeking consistent guidance & knowledge to enhance your reiki practice and help you thrive.

Searching to strengthen your intuition & connection with your Reiki guides. Empowering you to trust your inner wisdom & enhance your Reiki practice.

Aspiring to spiritually grow both personally and professionally. Nurturing your soul's evolutionary growth and helping you show up for you and your clients.

Longing for a connection to others who share your passion and practice Reiki with other like-minded souls.

Looking to overcome challenges of imposter syndrome, self-doubt, or self-sabotage, building confidence and embracing your true potential as a Reiki healer.

Needing to stay informed and inspired with ongoing continuing education on a variety of spiritual & holistic healing topics. 

Overcome by fears & limiting beliefs that hold you back from stepping into the healer role you wish to become. Helping you confront these witch wound obstacles and empower you to be the Reiki healer you know you can be.

Wanting to dive into essential daily grounding & energy protection practices that safeguard your energy during Reiki session. Ensuring that you remain balanced and supported daily and during sessions.

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  • Group Monthly live Zoom sessions with Reiki Master

  • Access to on demand video library if you can’t attend the live meetings

  • Combination of Workshops and deep dive Q& A with Reiki Master

  • Downloadable PDF workbooks on topics for self- practice

  • Members only Q&A sessions

  • Group Distance Reiki practice

  • 20 % Discount on all Bee the Light Wellness services

  • Periodic Attunements to Reiki - depending on what Level you currently hold.

Topics Covered

Chakra & Subtle Body Systems

Clearing the Light body

The energy of Angels and Demons

Working within the shadows- shadow work

Deeper knowledge of Reiki symbols and ways to work with them

Incorporating other healing modalities with Reiki

Meeting your Reiki guides & developing a relationship

How to do the inner work- Healing the unhealed ego

Ego vs. Intuition

Self- love and acceptance with Reiki

Overcoming fears, limiting beliefs, and healing the witch wound

Grounding & protection techniques 

Using Reiki to cleanse the chakras & aura

Understanding the different dimensions

Deep dive on the astral realm 

Confidence in leading client through Reiki healing experiences 

Confidence with Distant Reiki & teaching Reiki 

Crystal Grids & Reiki 

The Clairs 

Developing your intuition

Meetings are held once a month
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