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Past Life Regression

  • 1 hour
  • 70 US dollars
  • Carolina Synergy Massage & Bodyworks

Service Description

Past life regression is a technique that presupposes reincarnation, the concept that our soul or consciousness lives on through multiple lifetimes. Some people believe that memories, feelings, and even traumas from past lives can still affect them today. By exploring past lives you can understand and resolve issues from previous lifetimes. These may include but not limited to : *Relationship dynamics *Unexplained phobias, fears, anxieties, *Gaining insight into current relationships *Resolving karmic patterns of behavior *Helping to heal illness, disease, undesired personality traits, addictions, and phobias that don’t have a reasonable explanation *Communicating with the past life self helps to gain greater understanding into current life situation *Reducing fears around death and dying *Deepening your understanding about your life purpose By looking at past lives you can look at what has been carried into this life so it can be processed and released. Noting that sometimes, our prior life experiences can affect us in ways we're not consciously aware of. During these sessions I use Reiki energy to relax you and then I use prompts to help you recall memories from your past life. This can help you identify details about the individual you were, the circumstance of your past life, key events, places where energy or emotions have been blocked or stuck, and even other people in that prior lifetime that may be here now. In a session, you also might be guided through the death of that past life and into the realm between lifetimes. There, we can do a life review and look at the lessons [from past lives] and how they might be impacting you. Once someone figures out what aspects of their past lives they're carrying into their present one, we do additional release work to let go of whatever they're still carrying from that experience, via Reiki.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel a Reiki session or other appointment based session, 48 hour notice is required. Failure to cancel with this notice means that you forfeit your $20 deposit as cancellation fee. If you book and cancel without notice or rescheduling 3 times you will be blocked from making appointments as respect to my time and other clients who would have booked your slot. Thank you for understanding.

Contact Details

  • 919 8th Avenue Northeast, Hickory, NC, USA

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