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Beyond the Veil Master Class

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Embark on a transformative journey into the depths of the spiritual realm with our masterclass, "Beyond the Veil." Delve into ancient wisdom and unlock the secrets that lie beyond our physical reality. In this immersive class, you will: Explore the Significance of the 12 Heavens: Discover the profound significance of the 12 heavens. Gain insights into their symbolism, cosmological implications, and how they influence our lives on Earth. Unveil the Energy of Demons: Demystify the concept of demons and uncover their true nature. Learn to discern different types of negative energies, understand their origins, and how to reclaim your power. Understanding the Ministry of Angels: Dive into the celestial realm and uncover the divine purpose and presence of angels in our lives. Gain a deeper understanding of their roles as messengers and guardians and how to invoke their guidance and protection. Decode Your Spirit Guides' Messages: Learn to interpret the subtle messages and guidance from your spirit guides. Decipher the signs and symbols they use to communicate with you. Most importantly return to your Heaven on Earth: Through a Holy Fire Reiki Healing experience return to your heart center. Rediscover your inner light from Heaven so you can always access this high vibrational energy from Heaven. Join us on this extraordinary journey and step into a realm where the veil between worlds is lifted, revealing boundless opportunities for growth, healing, and enlightenment. Beyond the Veil awaits—will you answer the call?

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