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Choose your pricing plan

  • Reiki for Relaxation

    Every month
    • 1 hour Reiki Session per month
    • $9 off Reiki sessions
    • Access to monthly full moon distance healings
    • Hot Gemstone Negative ion therapy
    • Himalayan hot salt ball foot roll
  • Bio-Field Tuning Package of 3

    Harmonize. Energize. Transform (Pay in full)
    Valid for 3 months
    • 15% off Reiki fused with sound bath to align all 12 Chakras
    • Saves $90
    • Releasing Negative Emotions
    • 1 Hour Reiki fused with Sound bath and PEMF therapy
    • Hot gemstone negative ion treatment
    • Photon red-light therapy for cell detoxification
    • 1st PEMF therapy is free- discount included in price
  • Bio-Field Tuning Package of 3

    Every month
    Harmonize. Engerize. Transform (Payment Plan)
    Valid for 3 months
    • 10% of Reiki fused with Sound bath to align all 12 chakras
    • Saves $48
    • Releasing negative Emotions
    • 1 hour Reiki fused with sound bath and PEMF therapy
    • Hot gemstone negative ion treatment
    • Photon- red light therapy for cell detoxification
  • Full Moon Reiki Distance Healing

    Every month
    Online Group Reiki Healing
    • Join me & the collective for group Reiki healings
    • Collective Tarot & Oracle Reading
    • 1 card individual Tarot or Oracle reading live
    • Takes place every full moon via Zoom
    • Perfect for those looking for community
    • If you are busy and need healing
    • If you don't live in the area
    • Reiki healing on a budget
  • The Empowered Empath Program ONLINE

    Online Course ONLY
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access to the online course
    • For those who are self-starters looking for transformation
    • 6 Weeks of online modules to empower your emapthic gifts
    • Full Moon Group Reiki Healings
  • Divine Feminine ™ Reiki Session

    Package of 3
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3 Divine Feminine Reiki Sessions
    • Saves $150
    • Cord Cutting, Sound Bath, Aura Photo, PEMF & Coaching
    • 30 minute Card Reading for each session-Total 3
    • 3 month Access to Full Moon Group Reiki Online Healing
    • Free Crystal Gift (Choosen at Random by me $20 Value)
  • Divine Feminine ™ Reiki

    Every month
    +$60 One time Setup fee goes towards total!
    Package of 3 **PAYMENT PLAN**
    Valid for 3 months
    • Saves $90
    • $60 setup fee + 200/month= $660 total
    • 3 month access to Group Full Moon online Reiki Healing
    • Cord Cuttings, Sound Bath, Aura Photo, PEMF & Coaching
    • 30 minute Card reading before each session
    • Free crystal gift choosen at random by me $20 value
  • Reiki Empowerement Collective

    Every month
    Empowering Reiki Healers
     30 day free trial
    • For Reiki practioners of all level & lineages
    • Monthly Group Zoom Sessions
    • Unlimited access to on-demand video library
    • Combination of workshops & deep dive Q&A with Reiki Master
    • Downloadable PDF workbooks on topics for practice
    • Members only Q & A with Reiki Master
    • Group Distance Reiki practice
    • 20% Discount for all Bee the Light Wellness services
    • Periodic attunments- according to your Reiki level
Promotions & Subscriptions: PaidPlans
Affirm Payment Options Available

If you are looking for a different payment plan options apart from what is listed, please schedule a clarity call with me. I will go over Affirm payment options with you. Payments are through Affirm and approval is at their discretion.

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