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My Journey


Living a meaningful life

I was a shy introverted girl. I was unhappy but didn’t know why. I had a friend beg me to try this new workout called Zumba. I thought, hey I like to dance lets go. First time I hated it. Wait what? That’s not how that story is supposed to go, but you read that right. I capital H-A-T-E-D-E-D it. It was too hard, too fast, and I didn’t feel successful. However, I grew to love it. That love grew to passion as I saw myself change for the better. My confidence grew, my body changed, and I was just happier. I wanted to share my newfound joy with others.

As a Zumba instructor I see the joy that dance and movement brings to others. It’s rewarding to me to be with people at the beginning of their fitness journey and through to the end when they meet their goals.

Then something changed…

As I got older my stress level increased from work, relationships, personal disappointments, etc… Then in 2017 I had a major health scare.  I researched ways to heal my body and Yoga and Reiki were the first things that I found. I also changed my diet to a Pescetarian diet. Through Yoga and Reiki I realized that the more I let go and relax that I indeed do have control. Not just of my body but of my thoughts also. From my own journey with Yoga practice, diet change, and Reiki, I have decreased my stress and anxiety. In 2019 I decided to further my practice into teaching yoga to others. In 2021 I learned how to heal others with Reiki. I wanted others to experience the peace and overall change that I had.

My purpose

I am a lightworker and soul helper. What is that exactly? I help people bring their darkness into the light. I have endured some hardships and trauma in my life and have come to understand that challenges are not meant to break you. Rather, I view such hardships as an opportunity for insight and healing. So through fitness and Reiki I pass that wisdom and experience onto you.

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