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My Journey


 I'm Elizabeth, a Karuna Holy Fire Reiki master. I have been doing Reiki since 2020. If you would have met me before starting Reiki you wouldn't recognize me. I was unhappy, stressed, depressed, and desperately searching for fulfillment. Reiki changed my life. I almost said no to learning Reiki. I grew up in a fear based religious home and struggled with the imposter syndrome and fear of something different. I prayed and asked for guidance if I was doing the right thing. I heard a gentle voice say, "Anything not of love isn't real." I realized I was letting my fear have power over me. So I said " YES" to God and my intuition and now my life is better than I could imagine.


My journey into self-healing and self-development led me to confront and overcome traumas, including spiritual and sexual abuse, through the transformative power of Reiki. As I navigated this path, I discovered a profound sense of empowerment rooted in my own truth. Through Reiki and shadow work, I embraced my inherent confidence, love, and happiness, and began to view life's challenges as opportunities for growth. Now, I am passionate about guiding others on their own journeys toward empowerment and joy. Teaching Reiki is my way of sharing the life-changing gift that transformed my existence, and I'm committed to helping others shift from stress and reactivity to empowerment and fulfillment.

Bee the Light Wellness is for souls who desire personal empowerment, spiritual development, and a deeper connection to one's true self through coaching, Reiki, wellness services & programs. I guide my clients to tap into the power of their inner light, activate their personal freedom and liberation, shed old thought patterns, and let go of the fear of feeling stuck. Together let's heal the overwhelm of not knowing where to start so we can spark new beginnings today.

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