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Introducing our exquisite Crystal Harmony Grid Bundle, a meticulously curated collection featuring Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Opalite stones to elevate your spiritual journey and promote holistic well-being. Crafted with intention, this premade crystal grid offers a harmonious fusion of energies, making it an ideal choice for those seeking balance and positivity in their lives.



*Clear Crackle Quartz Point

*Amethyst and opalite tumbles

*Clear quartz chips

*Affirmation card to help activate your grid.

NOT included the grid fabric shown. All crystals are intuitively chosen for you and may vary from size, color, pattern, shape. Saves 20 % off from if you bought these crystals separately.


Clear Quartz, known as the "Master Healer," amplifies energy and aids in clarity of thought, enhancing spiritual growth and promoting overall balance.

Amethyst, renowned for its calming properties, encourages inner peace and spiritual awareness while promoting restful sleep and emotional stability.

Opalite, a stone of transformation, fosters transitions, bringing a sense of ease and confidence in navigating life changes.



This Crystal Grid Bundle is not just a visually stunning arrangement; it serves as a powerful tool for manifestation and meditation. The synergistic combination of these crystals creates a high-vibrational energy grid that can assist in amplifying intentions, enhancing spiritual connection, and promoting positive energy flow throughout your space.

Whether you're a seasoned crystal enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of energy work, our Crystal Grid Bundle offers a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way to incorporate the benefits of these three powerful stones into your daily life. Elevate your surroundings, focus your intentions, and invite a sense of serenity with this thoughtfully designed crystal grid.


Healing & Positivity Crystal Grid

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