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Service Description

This is more than your standard reading! This in depth message takes a look at your soul from your past lives. You will recieve a recorded message for you to keep. As I go into your Akashic records, I deliver any messages your Divine team has from the records and the lessons they wish to help you learn. These important life lessons are pivitol in your spiritual growth and awakening. By learning these lessons you create good Karma or undo Karma. This means that you step into a higher vibration in your life by releasing old stories, traumas, or stagnate energy. When we experience trauma in lives the soul can carry the feelings, beliefs and fears with us into the next. This is called past life bleed over. We will continue to experience similar traumas in lives until we learn the lessons those situations are supposed to teach us.


In this 1 hour recorded reading...

  • We look at what Energy you had in a past life
  • What gifts you had then and now
  • What challenges you had then and maybe now
  • What Karma needs to be undone between you and others
  • What energy is supporting you
  • How will it help you grow
  • What energy are you stepping into as a result of these lessons
  • Akashic record message
  • Reiki healing sent into your Akashic records to help heal any issues that comes up


Who is this reading for?

If you keep facing the same life themes, challenges, and attracting the same certain people in your life.

If you want to know the lessons between you and a particular person in your life.

Unexplained fears and more



Past life Karmic Lesson Message: This reading offers valuable lessons of embracing impermanence and letting go of attachments. We have all lived many different lives before and each one has beautiful lessons. This is a perfect reading for those who are wanting to understand what karma they need to heal either from reoccurring themes in their life, between you and another person, or what gifts and challenges you are facing overall in this life and how to step into a higher energy.

Echos of the Soul: Past life & Akashic Record reading

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